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To estimate the needed actuator forces and velocities, kinematic and dynamic simulations are carried out.The methodology targets on evolving expression programs using the Gaussian Ground-plan Projection Area model, to discriminate among three aggressive behaviours and recognise the individual actions involved.Our method enables combination of color information from a wide field of view camera with a 3D LIDAR point cloud from an actuated planar laser scanner.Keywords: Biologically-Inspired Robots, Behaviour-Based Systems, Legged Robots.A passive estimation is therefore needed which outcomes in an over-dissipation and in turn impacts on transparency.

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Embracing a simple object model, we present a new algorithm capable of generating collision-free folding motions for two cooperating manipulators.We demonstrate that our algorithm is not only exact but also much faster than alternative approaches in both simulations and real-world experiments.Furthermore, our algorithm explicitly handles cases where the construction of homogeneous layers of packages with equal height is impossible due to differences in package heights and quantities.They have similar workspaces and static wrench performances during the machining phase.Abstract: The control of dynamically stable hopping robots has made great progress in the last decades.

Additionally, we use state-space abstraction and a hierarchical learning structure to improve learning efficiency.The other major PG Diploma Programs are: Wireless and Mobile Computing.

In order to automate the manufacture process and also hand down the skillful techniques of sweets making, it is necessary to investigate the mathematical models of such objects and estimate their physical properties.

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Keywords: Haptics and Haptic Interfaces, Smart Actuators, Force Control.In addition to the peg-in-hole problem, which has become a standard scenario to validate force guided assembly, the scope of this article also covers force guided assembly of more complex parts.Actual design and mode changing experiment with a test mechanical module is also presented.

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The relative transformation of the current position of the robot with respect to the actual position of the matched node is recovered by using a least squares estimation of the transformation parameters of two 3D point patterns generated by the stereovision system.

This mechanism is composed of 4 piezoelectric actuators and pair of electromagnets and moves like inchworm with less than 10 nm resolution.Design and Implication of a Bionic Pectoral Fin Imitating Cow-Nosed Ray.

Simple pendulum model with damping elements is applied to analyze sloshing phenomena.The field itself is invariant with respect to objects around the robot and can be computed in any given point of the workspace using measurements from the proprioceptive sensors.The choice of a key annealing parameter and turning the uphill movements on and off enables the converged solution of a SCA to slide in the region between the global optimal performance and the performance associated with a random allocation.I2IT International Finishing School also offers the following Professional.The hand position, straight edge of arm and temporal information are combined by the multiple importance sampling particle filter to efficiently estimate the irregular gesture of arms on image frames.The paper presents simulation results that indicate that the qualitative behaviour of the proposed model and the original complex model are similar, and that a quantitative similarity is achieved with a proper choice of numerical values of the friction coefficients in the two models.Thus this paper presents a biologically-inspired method of visual tracking for moving robots by using object-based visual attention mechanism.

According to this novel approach, every agent will allocate resources according to its individually assigned task prioritization as well as local interactions with neighboring agents.In this paper, we treat the general case in which the base attachments are arbitrarily located in 3D space.

The algebraic constraints of the interconnected systems are represented by a geometric object, called Dirac structure.The information can be collected on demand in large volumes and at low cost.Next, a symbol compressor is used to extract the semantic meaning of the temporal sequence.Therefore, the elastic element of this structure can be smaller and more lightweight than the other structures.Abstract: Robots that know what they are doing can solve their tasks more reliably, flexibly, and efficiently.The dimension of human posture model is extremely high, and we hereby focus on the visual extraction of head and arms.In this paper we present a framework for robot supervision through Amazon Mechanical Turk.Abstract: Most of the current state of the art motion planning software libraries are not easily interchangeable, because core concepts are represented with different data structures, application programming interfaces (API) are not compatible, or algorithms are encapsulated in modules organized in mutually exclusive abstraction hierarchies.

The global level contains the relative transformations between local maps.The production of gestures, however, poses a number of challenges with regard to motor control for arbitrary, expressive hand-arm movement and its coordination with other interaction modalities.This eliminates any motion and exteroceptive sensory feedback to the pilot.Keywords: Legged Robots, Biologically-Inspired Robots, Biomimetics.The problem is motivated by robotic monitoring and data gathering.The problem arises in Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery (MIRS) from the needs of reaching a point of interest inside the anatomy with rigid laparoscopic instruments.

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